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El Jean

In 1937, while the country was still reeling from the 1929 stock market crash, El and Jean Armour were married in New York City by a Jewish rabbi. The first few years of their life together were not easy ones. Shortly after they were married, El lost his job. Unable to find work because of the scarcity of jobs due to the Depression, they were forced to live on Jean's meager salary for the next two years.

Over the next ten years, El and Jean lived and worked in New York City. During this time, they were blessed with two sons. Later, El developed health problems due to air pollution. In search of a healthier climate, the Armours left New York and moved to Texas in 1949. Once again, El was without a job, but after a few months of searching, employment was found. Their move to Texas was not the only change that took place in their lives. Just three years later, El came into contact with two Christian friends. Through their witness, he and his family were led to Christ. El stated, "In a sense, we were not converted. Instead, we became complete Jews who had found our Messiah."

In 1973, the Armours had their first contact with Southwestern. They had recently moved to the Keene area, and El decided to visit the college. The first impression made a lasting impact on the Armours. In 1977, El and Jean endowed a scholarship at the college. "The scholarship is just a small token of our gratitude for the blessings Jean and I have received," said El. He died in March, 1990.

El Armour served on the Nursing Advisory Board for a number of years. The El Jean Scholarship is awarded to a deserving nursing student in honor of Dr. Laurice Durrant, former chair of the nursing department.

Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Kolbie Blanchard

2019-2020 -Olukemi Akinola

2018-2019 -Nancy Flores

2016-2017 -Astrid Partida

2015-2016 - Jennifer Rangel

2014-2015 - Mendria Cox

2013-2014 - Kimberly Villalta

2012-2013 - Ching Gualnam

2011-2012 - Zaveria Wachira

2010-2011 - Margaret Nyoni

2009-2010 - David Mooney

2008-2009 - Ashley Wetmore

2007-2008 - Ericka Alegria

2005-2006 - Nanziwe Ndebele