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Cyril & Marian Miller

Cyril and Marian Miller were married on September 13, 1950 in the home of Union College president Elder H.C. Hartman.

Marian Dailey Miller grew up in Minnesota and graduated from Maplewood Academy. She attended Union College and went on to become a charter faculty member of Sunnydale Academy in Missouri.

Born in Oklahoma, Cyril attended public school until he arrived on the campus of Southwestern Junior College. He went on to graduate from Union College.

Cyril and Marian met on the campus of Union College where she worked at the Nebraska Conference Book and Bible House and Cyril was a ministerial student.

The Millers dedicated their careers to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Cyril had 42 years of service with 32 years in administration. He pastored in the Oklahoma and Arkansas-Louisiana Conferences, served the Columbia Union Conference as department secretary, and in 1964 became president of the Chesapeake Conference. He joined the Southwestern Union Conference as secretary in 1969, and in 1975 became president of the Texas Conference. He was president of the Southwestern Union for ten years, from 1986-95, then served the General Conference from 1996 until his retirement.

Marian had 35 years of service, largely in the area of Christian education. In addition to teaching, she worked at the Home Study International Institute at Takoma Park, Maryland and spent 16 years in the education department at the Southwestern Union Conference.

Cyril and Marian Miller established this scholarship to "return the favor" that was bestowed upon them by many helpful people during their educational years. It was their desire to help secure a Christian education for others.


Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Thomas Abdalla

2019-2020 -Cing Nuan

2018-2019 -Leslie Nevarez

2017-2018 -Tanya Soria

2016-2017 - Tanya Soria