Fred B. & Blanche Gilbert Moore Scholarship

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Fred B. & Blanche Gilbert Moore

Although this scholarship was set up in the summer of 1986, the Fred B. and Blanche Gilbert Moore Scholarship had its beginnings in 1950, when Elder Moore inherited his portion of the family farm. It was always important to the Moores to help with church-related projects, so with the money they had inherited, they decided to build a house on Oakwood Street in Keene. Through the years they gave a large portion of the income from this house as contributions for student aid.

Their son, Marvin, graduated from Southwestern Junior College, and their daughter, Evelyn Moore Griffin, attended Southwestern. The Moores were in overseas fields of Latin America for nearly 35 years, and when they retired, they moved to Keene. After Elder Moore's death in 1984, Mrs. Moore decided to continue the tradition of using the income from the property for contributions. When she sold the place in 1986, she divided the funds among a number of organizations of the church, and established a scholarship fund at Southwestern Adventist University in memory of her late husband. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need and academic achievement.


Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Savannah Walton

2019-2020 -Veronica Jones

2018-2019 -Claudia Aniles

2016-2017 -Kaitlyn Warman

2015-2016 - Brentton Dennis

2014-2015 - Rosendo Dimas

2013-2014 - Jeremy Knaubert

2011-2012 - Megan Dryer