Student Association Presidents Scholarship for Leadership

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Student Association Presidents

The purpose of the S.A. Presidents Scholarship for Leadership is to encourage and promote student leadership at Southwestern Adventist University. Students are selected based upon the demonstration of leadership, as well as the participation in campus life. All current students are eligible except the current S.A. president. This scholarship fund is composed exclusively of gifts from Southwestern's former S.A. presidents. Barry Moore, S.A. president, 1989-90, created and promoted the scholarship during his year in office and has continued to guide its organization and growth. The former S.A. presidents who have contributed include:

Elder David Bunker 1976-77

Elder Elmer J. Hagele 1946-47

Dr. Ladon Homer 1953-54

Mr. Deryl Knutson 1970-71

Mr. Robert Lauterbach 1971-72 Dr. James Lowry 1947-48

Elder Mike Tucker 1972-73

Elder Cyril Miller 1947-48

Mr. Ted Ramirez, Jr. 1973-74

Elder Robert Rider 1950-51

Mr. Larry McKinstry 1974-75

Dr. Gayle Rhoads 1951-52

Dr. Dale Whitcomb 1947-48


Students Recipients 


2018-2019 -Matthew Hanson

2016-2017 - Marty Dixon

2015-2016 - Ashley Riddle

2014-2015 - Jonathan Blue

2013-2014 - Blanca Zuazua Reyes 

2012-2013 - Mykal Quinlan

2011-2012 - Janet Garcia