Sicher Family Scholarship

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Sicher Family

Dr. Erwin Sicher and his family have a close connection to Southwestern Adventist University. His wife, Evangeline, and sons, Stanley, Brian, and Alan are all Southwestern alumni. Dr. Sicher taught in Southwestern's social science department for over 30 years and continues to serve as Professor Emeritus for the university.

"Enthusiastic and entertaining" are words his students use to describe his style of teaching. His passion for education is evident in the classroom. Amanda Perry, a social science graduate, said "I was always impressed with Dr. Sicher's tremendous amount of knowledge. He could say as much about Egyptian history as he could about European history."

Dr. Sicher thought it was unusual that Southwestern did not offer more scholarships to social science and history majors. He said that "It is harder for these students to pay off their loans when they graduate than for those pursuing professional degrees."

Together, the Sichers established the Sicher Family Scholarship, which is awarded to history majors based on academic achievement and financial need. It is their hope that through their efforts students will be helped with their education.



Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Ruth Anguiano

2019-2020 -Misael Fierro

2017-2018 -Ileana Vives

2016-2017 - Lettie Agee

2015-2016 - Lettie Agee

2014-2015 - Corrales Vallejos

2013-2014 - Alyssa Whetsell

2011-2012 - Anna Semakula

2010-2011 - Beth Kaffenberger