Spells Family Scholarship

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The Spells Family

David Spells writes: “I first got the idea of creating a scholarship after my father died. I wanted to honor his memory, but I think it is even more important to honor your loved ones while they are still alive. After much thought I decided to create a scholarship to honor my family and the love and support they give me.

Both Kim and I graduated from Southwestern. Our time spent there had a great impact on our lives. We want to give some of the financial, emotional, and spiritual support that we received while attending the University.

I especially want to thank both my parents for the sacrifices they made in helping to put me through school. There were many nights when I would wake up at 4 a.m. and find my dad reading his Bible and the Spirit of Prophesy. Through my dad’s example and his love for me I gained a greater desire to know Jesus and His love.

I would like to thank my mom for her love and support and for the many nights she would bring food to me at the Scales Hall while I was studying late into the night.

I would like to honor my sister, Lisa, who is also a graduate of Southwestern. As we have grown older, we have become more than brother and sister, we have become good friends.

I would like to honor my wife, Kim. I am thankful for her love and support. She is my best friend on this earth and my spiritual partner.

I hope that this scholarship will help a few students to obtain a Christian education at Southwestern. I also hope to see these students in heaven where we will all be part of the family of God.”

This scholarship is awarded to a science major based on academic achievement, employment, and the recommendations of the science departments.


Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Chang Hyun Lee

2017-2018 -Eglae Sandoval

2016-2017 - Edwin Arevalo

2015-2016 - Christian Cabrera

2014-2015 - Caitlin Landelius 

2013-2014 - Sylvia Vazquez

2011-2012 - Yesenia Gonzalez

2010-2011 - Justin Kistler