Gianmarco Vergel Scholarship

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Gianmarco Vergel

Gianmarco Vergel was born in New York City in June of 2006, he was 3 years of age when he moved to Texas, where his dad Alfredo was called to be an associate librarian for Southwestern Adventist University. So the family of four, father (Alfredo), mother (Sonia) and two boys, Gianmarco and Lucas, moved across the country to Keene, TX. At a young age, Gianmarco had a passion for wildlife and nature. He could have a conversation with anyone about the natural world, and with the sweet faith of a 9 year old, would always defend God as Creator, and would argue with anyone who thought otherwise. He would always say that when he grew up he wanted to be a marine biologist or a paleontologist. 


However, things took a turn for the worst in August of 2015. Gianmarco, 9 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia; as you can imagine, a parent's worst nightmare. Everyone rallied around the Vergel family, by praying, visits to the hospital, making food, and various other things. So the family had hope, because where there is breath, there is hope. However, those dreams of becoming a marine biologist or paleontologist were cut short, when in January of 2016 Gianmarco took his last breath. The family decided to keep Gianmarco's legacy of his passion for the natural world alive, and created a scholarship at Southwestern Adventist University in honor of their son, called the Gianmarco Vergel Scholarship. Awarding a biology student who has the same passion for learning as their son did. It has been an honor for the family to help students in this capacity, and they will continue to do so for years to come.


Student Recipients

2020-2021- Caroline Torres

2019-2020- Benjamin Streit

2018-2019- Garret Maywether

2017-2018- Ana Martinez

2016-2017- Edwin Arevalo