Weis Heritage Scholarship

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Weis Heritage Scholarship

Southwestern included Ruth Gantz-Weis, ’45, into the Alumni Hall of Fame in 1982. But, the Weis legacy in Keene had begun even earlier when Ruby Weis attended in 1926. On June 27, 1953, Ruth and Vialo Weis wed in Amarillo, Texas. Four future Southwestern alums were soon on their way: Vialo Jr., ’77, Ella Johnson, ’81, and Alan, ’84. Money was tight through the years of sending four children through Seventh-day Adventist schools and college. Hard work, determination, and a belief in Christian education saw them through lean times. They believed Southwestern to be the best college, were determined their children attend there, and worked hard to extend the legacy to the next generation. Vialo Jr. married Esther Tanksley ’78, and, produced the first Weis grandchild to attend Southwestern-David Weis, ’06. In 1986 Sharon Leach ’71 matched Alan with her PR writing assistant, Chrissie Cummings ’89, and helped husband Benjie ’69 perform the 1988 ceremony. This produced twins, Nikki and Kilory Weis, who were Southwestern donors before they entered pre-Kindergarten. To honor Ruth and Vialo Sr., Chrissie and Alan began the scholarship to encourage Weis grandchildren to join the Southwestern tradition. Supporting contributors also included Ella and Carl Johnston and Viola Weis Stevens.

A diligent campus worker, nominated by a supervisor is awarded this scholarship to reflect Ruth and Vialo’s work ethic. “I believe the hardest worker is always going to win.” Chris Rock, Parade, 8-29-1999, page 6.


Student Recipients 

2020-2021-Emerson Grellmann

2019-2020 -Kathryn Lounds

2018-2019 -Kilory Weis, Tara Thompson

2016-2017 - Marty Dixon

2015-2016 - Calderon Ordonez

2014-2015 - Abel Mims

2013-2014 - Pedro Choque 

2011-2012 - Dasintee Duncan 

2010-2011 - Kimmy Borja