Business Administration

Has a degree in business administration ever interested you? Our department at Southwestern Adventist University helps you to develop real-life business skills to prepare and test you in an academic environment that fosters innovation and creativity!

As the Department of Business Administration, we strive to prepare you for Christian service and business leadership in today’s global economy. We have built our department on academic excellence, integrity and an entrepreneurial spirit. We aim to serve and value a diverse student body, equipping you with the intellectual fortitude to change the world.


A degree in Business Administration:

  • Puts emphasis on giving you real world experiences through internships and business strategy simulations.
  • Provides an opportunity to build strong leadership skills through our award-winning Enactus Team.
  • Gives hands-on field experience to prepare you for the work field.
  • Prepares you for a stimulating and rewarding business-oriented career.


As the Department of Business Administration, we aim to: 

  • Provide you with the necessary knowledge for successful work experience in today's business environment and graduate studies.
  • Promote an awareness of free enterprise with an international orientation within a framework of moral and ethical guidelines.
  • Enrich the learning-teaching experience by fostering access to and utilization of appropriate learning resources.
  • Promote faculty and student's involvement in community activities.

Bachelor of Science vs. Bachelor of Business Administration

A B.S. degree is designed for students pursuing a dual major or pre-professional program and is also available through SWAUonline.

A B.B.A. degree gives students a broad understanding of the workings of a company. With this type of degree, students will learn general principles of business operations, communication skills, decision-making and, depending on your area of study, knowledge into the world of finance, accounting and marketing.

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B.B.A. Accounting

Do you enjoy keeping track of finances and organizing numbers? Then perhaps a B.B.A. Accounting is perfect for you!

B.B.A. Finance

Have you always had a knack for keeping track of numbers and accounts? Perhaps you should be looking into a B.B.A. Finance.

B.B.A. International Business

Are you looking for a business degree that incorporates the study of business, economics, foreign language and other areas? A B.B.A. International Business may be the perfect companion degree for you!

B.B.A. Management

Do you like to be a leader and help manage group projects? A B.B.A. Management will equip you with the right set of skills to manage projects and teams.

B.B.A. Marketing

Do you find yourself good at analytics, writing or creative development? Perhaps you should consider a career in marketing by pursuing a B.B.A. Marketing.

B.B.A. Operations Management

Do you enjoy managing the daily workings of a company to help them increase their profits through efficiency? Then a B.B.A. Operations Management might be perfect for you.

B.B.A. Human Resources Management

Do you enjoy the idea of handling personnel decisions such as hiring, position assignment, training, benefits and compensation? Then maybe a B.B.A. in Human Resources Management is the perfect degree for you!

B.B.A. Digital Marketing

The B.B.A. Digital Marketing degree is newly offered by the Department of Business Administration! This new degree focuses on the study of the techniques used in the digital marketing of products or services.

B.B.A. Esports & Gaming

The B.B.A. Esports and Gaming is a very new concentration offered by the Department of Business Administration! Southwestern Adventist University is one of the few universities to offer this degree.

B.S. Business

Are you looking for a business major that would pair nicely with another degree? A B.S. Business, designed for students pursuing a dual major, will gives students an opportunity to participate in internships to earn real world experience, build leadership skills and gain insight into how a company works.

Business Minors

Looking to add business skills to your major? The Department of Business Administration offers minors in accounting, business, finance, international business and marketing.

Faculty Profiles

Aaron Moses, PhD

Department of Business Administration
AdventHealth Endowed Chair of Business Administrat

Satyanarayana Ramella, PhD

Department of Business Administration
Associate Professor

Chanda Santo, MBA

Department of Business Administration
Assistant Professor