Economic Wellness

Mission: SWAU leadership working in partnership with community representatives and agencies to provide support for the well-being of our neighbors.

Vision: Collaboration with the community to support engagement in whole-person wellness enterprises.

The Center for Wellness Integration represents SWAU’s commitment to serve our community and surrounding areas. To do this, Faculty and Staff will work together to

  • Advocate for the health and wellness of community residents 
  • Utilize  the experience and expertise of campus leaders and professors in collaboration with students to serve area communities in meaningful ways
  • Support  and partner with area initiatives and agencies in pursuit of assessing needs, and developing and implementing interventions to promote all aspects of health and socialization


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Through coaching, presentations, and interactive discussions we'll help you make positive choices that will influence and improve your health and outlook on life. A light meal is served at each session. We'll also provide weekly blood pressure and weight checks, along with pre- and post- lifestyle assessments and fingerstick A1c screening. Join our FREE Info Session on 9/9/19 at 7 p.m. to learn more. Textbooks include a New York Times Best Seller. Couples may sign up together for a price that includes one set of books. Don't miss this great opportunity. Sign up today! You can be a satisfied Alumnus, too!

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Southwestern Adventist University Serves the Community

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SWAU Announces New Wellness-Focused Quality Enhancement Plan

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  • 100% of junior and senior nursing students served thousands of DFW residents at the dental, vision, and medical care focused Your Best Pathway to Health.
  • Members of our faculty lead a grant-funded community assessment research project which has guided recent community health education programming.
  • Nursing students received Hearing, Vision, and Scoliosis training and regularly lead out in providing these screenings for students in the community.

Sample Job Titles

  • Statistically significant results were realized for reduction in weight, BMI (body-mass index), HgbA1c, and systolic blood pressure for two cohorts of attendees of our Reversing Diabetes program.
  • Our students participated in Service Day in 2018 and 2019, helping our neighbors and other community residents in a variety of ways.      


community residents have been
positively influenced by the
Reversing Diabetes program

Faculty Profiles

Terri Gibson, DNP, MSN

Nursing Department
Director of the Center for Wellness Integration

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