We have decided to reopen the Dino Museum to the public, but we will only be open by appointment for the foreseeable future. Please contact us to schedule a free tour. 

Would you like to see and touch real dinosaur bones? Want to watch as fossils are cleaned and prepared? We offer free tours of our museum for groups, families, and individuals!

Hours of Operation:
By appointment only.

Admission is free. Fill out the form below for more information.

Visitors are encouraged to park in the Chan Shun Centennial Library parking lot on the corner of Magnolia and College Drive, and follow the dinosaur signs to the museum.  

113 West Magnolia Street | Keene, Texas 76059

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Volunteers are an essential part of our museum. Our volunteers clean and prepare fossils, give tours, and assist with special events. Please fill out the form below to learn more about current volunteer opportunities at the museum.



30,000 + Bones
Big things are happening here! With a world-class collection of over 30,000 bones that continue to grow each summer, we now house one of the largest dinosaur fossil collections in the United States! In fact, this fall, Hope Channel will release a six-episode documentary on our dig which will give viewers a small taste of what our team along with hundreds of students, researchers, and hobbyists experience in the wilds of Wyoming every June. Whether you live here in Texas or far beyond, you can view our collection below on our catalog! For those of you in the area, we can not wait to welcome you to our museum located right on the campus of Southwestern Adventist University!  


National Recognition
We were recently recognized in the Journal of Paleontological Sciences for our work with the Upper Cretaceous Hell Creek and Lance Formations, which are some of the most fossil-rick bonebeds in the United States, located in Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota. In the article which discusses a census of about 65 universities and institutions with dinosaur bone databases, we were named with the University of California Museum of Paleontology on the campus of UC Berkeley and Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History on the campus of Yale University and two others that stood out as providing the most detail in the easiest and most aesthetic format.” Southwestern Adventist University “in particular, provided photographs, historical and geologic context for just about every specimen in the large and mostly complete database.


We Are On Tour
With our museum attendance continuing to increase each month, our team is making booking visits to schools, churches, and community events in order to bring the Dinosaur Science Museum experience to thousands of paleontology enthusiasts across the metroplex and beyond! Please fill out the form below for more information. Call 817-202-6628 or email marketing@swau.edu with questions


News & Events

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