Dr. Kilgore Receives Community Award

Darcy Force

Southwestern Adventist University wishes to congratulate Dr. Bill Kilgore on his recent community award. The East Cleburne Community Center recognized Dr. Kilgore, a religion professor at Southwestern Adventist University, at their recent annual Barrett Awards Banquet with a Lifetime Service Award. Dr. Kilgore brings SWAU international students to visit children at the ECCC every week, rain or shine, to talk to the children about their culture and how it’s different from the children's own. Dr. Kilgore also received a community award for this project in 2012. 

University students prepare a 15-minute slide show presentation about what it’s like to live in their country.  Presentations start with a map of the country and continue as the SWAU students show the children what their home looks like and what their daily like looks like.  They often wear traditional clothes and bring things from their country for the children to see.  Afterwards, the children, in a group of anywhere from 35-50, have the opportunity to ask questions.

Cleburne Times Review video and article here.