Knowledge, faith, service. Southwestern’s Honors Program serves to enhance your university experience in all three of these areas. We seek to provide you with interdisciplinary courses that will strengthen your mental skills, to help you integrate your faith with your academics, and to offer opportunities to serve the local community. We want to help you develop academically, culturally, and spiritually so that you can be of greater service to God and your community.


• Participate in challenging and creative interdisciplinary courses.
• Be part of a cohort of other high-achieving students.
• Travel as part of your Honors curriculum in the annual study tours.
• Tuition scholarships ($500 sophomore year, $1000 junior year and $2000 senior year).
• Receive individual mentorship towards an original Honors thesis project.


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News & Events

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Honors Study Tour: Greece

Honor students Collette and Andre take us along on their Honors Program tour of Greece!

Faculty Profile

Amy McHenry, PhD

Biological Sciences