My experience at Southwestern Adventist University was as positive as I could imagine for a college experience. I made lifelong friends, actually learned stuff from my professors (who all were great people and teachers), and got to experience a bit of everything. A lot of old faces were on their way out and the new staff with new ideas really rocked it. Seventh-day Adventist communities everywhere are generally quite friendly, but it's very easy at SWAU to find your people.

I got my B.Mus. Clarinet Performance in 2015. I'd say it was a bit of a golden era in the music department back then. We had the wind symphony, orchestra, and choirs, all of which had top notch students participating. Of course the music majors were in pretty much all of them. I'm pretty sure I'm still up on a bunch of posters, as I've been back to SWAU’s Music Fest (A Night at the Meyerson) on my own or with students.

- Martin Reid (class of 2015)