Are you looking for a degree that offers versatility, financial viability and industry credibility? A business degree will help you start your career in many different industries, which is a huge asset when seeking a job after graduation. 


A degree in Business prepares you for careers as a:

  • Financial Manager
  • Banking Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Investment Consultant


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Business (B.S.)
Item #TitleCredits
ACCT 211Accounting Principles 13
BAUD 202Introduction to Contemporary Business3
BAUD 211Profiles of Entrepreneurship3
BAUD 270Management Information Systems3
BAUD 301Principles of Management3
BAUD 311Business Law3
BAUD 460Ethics and Business Social Responsibility3
 BAUD 466 or ECON 4013
BAUD 472Business Policies and Strategies3
ECON 211Macroeconomics3
ECON 212Microeconomics3
FNCE 321Business Finance


IBUS 319International Business3
MKTG 343Principles of Marketing3
 Sub-Total Credits42
Cognate Requirements
Item #TitleCredits
CSIS 106Comprehensive Spreadsheets3
MATH 141Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
 Sub-Total Credits6

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.)

General Education

Item #TitleCredits
BIOL 345Environment and Mandkind4
COMM 111Speech3
CSIS 105Introduction to Computing3
ENGL 121Freshman Composition3
ENGL 220Research Writing3
 History for BAAS3
 Humanities for BAAS3
 KINA Electives3
Math 103The Essentials of Mathematics2
 Religion Electives for BAAS6
 Sub-Total Credits33
Professional Development
Item #TitleCredits
BUAD 301Principles of Management3
BUAD 372Human Resources Management3
BUAD 460Ethics and Business Social Responsibility3
COMM 241Public Relations3
COMM 335Persuasion3
POLS 425Education Leadership3
PSYC 212General Psychology3
PSYCH 338Conflict Resolution3
SOCI 111Introduction to Sociology1
UNIV 420Capstone Seminar6
 Sub-Total Credits34

Career Field/Occupation: (30-39 Credit Hours)
Transferred from associate's degree. The number of credits may vary depending on the number of credits transferring in.

University Electives: (12-21 Credit Hours)
Electives to reach 120 total hours and 36 upper-division hours. The number of credits may vary depending on the number of credits transferring in.

UNIV 111
Item #TitleCredits
UNIV 111Wellness for Life2
 Total Credits120