Program Emphasis
Below are emphasis which business students may choose to focus on.

Elementary Education Program
With expertise in education and psychology, our program provides a unique benefit for those who will soon be aiding and leading the students of tomorrow. Southwestern is currently the only Seventh-day Adventist school that offers a combined degree in education and psychology. You’ll not only learn in the classroom but by watching those who do it every day, and by doing it yourself, you’ll build trust in your students and confidence in your own skills.

Masters in Education
The Master of Education program is designed to develop and deliver an education program that ensures the highest of teacher preparation and performance. Southwestern is a recognized contributor in the field of educational research and practice through effective teaching, quality research and meaningful service. The University is committed to the advancement of teaching and learning in all educational environments, at all levels, and for all students, especially graduate Christian education within the Adventist system of values.

The specific aims of the M.Ed. program are are follows:

  1. To promote excellence in graduate education through teaching, research and service.
  2. To prepare competent teachers, administrators and other professional specialists for service in the field of education.
  3. To conduct research, disseminate new knowledge and develop applications of existing knowledge.
  4. To improve human cognitive, academic, physical, emotional, social development and performance.

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The future is bright, and the need is great in both education and psychology. These are not areas that students pursue with plans on becoming rich, but they can be fulfilling careers, filled with opportunities to touch people’s lives and help many young people grow into responsible adults.


  • Teacher
  • Principal
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Technology Director
  • Curriculum Director


Average Salary of a Private
Practice Clinical Therapist