Student Experience: Fire Science Program

Jeremy Hernandez

Having the opportunity to participate in the Southwestern Adventist University Fire Science Program for its first year is an experience that will last a lifetime. It is so awesome being able to follow my dreams of becoming a fire fighter and getting a Christian education at the same time. The instructors, Brent Batla and Michael Moffitt, are excellent. Not only do they teach great fire fighting skills but the instructors also instill maturity and respect into all students. Both instructors give us motivation in all activities whether in the classroom or during physical training. It makes class so much more exciting when you have instructors that are so enthusiastic about growing and developing young men and women into sound firefighters. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make us the best we can be.

fire science, kinesiology, fire-fighting, associates degree

The program is definitely a change of pace from the typical college courses. We are expected to be on time and complete all the tasks that are set before us. This program has introduced challenges that have truly pushed my limits. When we first began I was sincerely wondering what I had gotten myself into. As the days have progressed, each individual has improved immensely in physical training as well as in mental training. One major concept that has formed among us recruits is teamwork. Yes, we are different individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. However we bring what we can to the table and succeed and fail as one team. We all have learned that we cannot leave anyone behind and through this mindset we have become more accountable for the details of tasks such as donning personal protective equipment.

fire science, kinesiology, fire-fighting, associates degree

Being in this program has allowed me to build amazing friendships with the three other amazing recruits that are in it as well. Tony Rodriguez, Alberto Pintor, and Jay Ayala and I have had the opportunity to experience everything in this program together as a team. This team-oriented atmosphere that the program brings is preparing us to fit into any fire station that we will eventually get onto. This program as a whole is bolstered with great opportunity and potential. The Southwestern Adventist Fire Science Program is paving the way for so many young adults that are looking to pursue a career of honor, tradition, and service.