Thelma Beem Scholarship

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Thelma Beem

Thelma Imler Beem was for many years an effective elementary teacher. She taught in five different church schools in the Southwestern Union, as well as schools in Georgia, Massachusetts, and Kansas. She was an early leader in Pathfinders, youth camps, and Master Guide work. She emphasized nature study and was instrumental in leading many to become interested in bird watching and other nature activities.

She was the author of two books and of many articles published in the Adventist Review. Her theme always was to help others to be more effective in leading children to their highest potential in education and in spiritual development. Her daughter, Dr. Beverly Beem, taught English at Southwestern Adventist University from 1968 to 1971.

Shortly after Thelma Beem’s death in 1967, this scholarship was established for education majors at Southwestern Adventist University to help carry on the teaching work that was so important in her life.


Students Recipients 

2020-2021-Alexandra Rivera

2019-2020 -Leticia Gonzalez

2017-2018 -Elizabeth Aguirre

2016-2017 -Kaitlyn Warman

2015-2016 -  Amanda Madigan 

2014-2015 - Belicia Guajardo 

2013-2014 - Stephanie Botello 

2012- 2013 - Taylor Bussey 

2011- 2012 - Lauren Betty 

2010-2011 - Stephanie Estupunian 

2009- 2010 - Michelle Rico 

2008- 2009 - Gabriela Aguilar 

2007-2008 - Melanie Beavers 

2006-2007 - Edmundo Cano