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No person  in  the  United  States  shall,  on  the  basis  of  sex,  be  excluded  from participation  in,  be  denied  the  benefits  of,  or  be  subjected  to  discrimination under any education program or activity.

Southwestern  Adventist  University  is  committed  in  providing  an  educational, employment,  and  business  environment  free  of  all  forms  of  discrimination  or harassment.  Discrimination  or  harassment  based  upon  one’s  race,  color,  gender, religion,  national  origin,  age  or  disability  is  prohibited  at  the  university.  Sexual misconduct, including acts of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking and other adverse conduct of a sexual nature is a form of sex discrimination and is prohibited  at  the university. This policy applies  to all university students, faculty, staff, and  to contractors,  consultants,  and  vendors  doing business  or  providing  services  to  the university.

In  compliance  with  Title  IX  of  the  Higher  Education  Amendments  Act  of  1972, Southwestern Adventist University announces that the Assistant Vice President  for Financial  Administration  is  the  official  responsible  for  coordinating  efforts  to comply  with  the  Title  IX  regulations  and  for  investigating  any  Title  IX  complaint.  

Click here to report a Title IX incident.

Send all other inquiries  to:

The  Office  of  the  Assistant  Vice  President for  Financial Administration
Southwestern  Adventist  University
Keene, Texas  76059
(817) 202-6743.