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A student with short, curly hair smiles as she carefully holds a golden box with a red lining that holds the Mizpah ornament

Raquel Villa

Psychology major

Raquel Villa came to Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU) from El Paso, Texas. She took a step of faith in attending SWAU thinking that scholarships and financial aid were limited and difficult to receive. “An experience I will never forget from my time here is when God provided for me more than $3,000 in just one weekend. This experience taught me patience, trust, and that nothing is impossible for God. I have seen that when God has a plan, SWAU’s faculty and staff are very understanding, and they too will trust in Him.” 

Raquel shares the message below for anyone interested in attending SWAU, “I know that finances are a great hindrance to many people, but I truly encourage those who share an interest in attending SWAU to take that leap of faith. I encourage you to join me in playing 'Trust Fall' with God.”

Source: A Gift That Lasts

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