Congratulations to Communication Professor Kyle Portbury who just received a nomination into the Australian Directors Guild for the online series release of Tell the World, for Outstanding Direction in an Online Drama.  He is the only director of a Christian film to be nominated into the Australian Directors Guild. You are welcome to view their press release here. 

Portbury has a growing list of awards for his work, including the prestigious Award of Excellence from The Best Shorts Film Competition.  The award was given for Kyle’s exciting historical drama, Tell the World, which tells the true story of the beginnings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Tell the World features exceptional Visuals and storytelling through standout performances in the key roles of Ellen White and William Miller.  Beyond the Search previously won 14 international awards including the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle.  Portbury also won Best Documentary for his documentary A Mountain Within at the Mountain Film Festival in California, among others.  Two of his films were recently nominated for awards at the 2017 International Christian Film Festival in Florida.

In addition to writing screenplays and teaching full time, Portbury is the director of the Institute of Christian Film. To learn more, visit


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